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Home » Amplifier Covers & Bags » acoustic » amp-2012-006
Acoustic G60 212 Cover
  • Ask a question about this product
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  • Availability: Custom Manufactured - 14-21 days

    Acoustic G60 212 Cover with a choice of Seam Binding Colour

    Our Amplifiers are:

    Made To Measure - Our amplifier & cabinet covers are made to measure guaranteeing the best possible fit.
    Made To Order - Eeach amplifier & cab cover is made specifically to order - we dont keep stock so our covers are individually made to your exact requirements.
    Robust - Our amplifier & cab covers are 100% diamond-woven polyester on the outside which is extremely durable with a laminated padding on the inside for maximum impact-resistance and this bound with coloured binding which helps to ensure maximum seam strength.
    Hand-Made - Each and every one of our amplifier & cab covers is hand-made by one of our team of expert machinists specially trained to our demanding standards.
    Quality Inspected - Before despatching our amplifier & cab covers we check and inspect each and every one to ensure it meets our quality control standards.
    Simple To Use - Just slide your amplifier or cab cover onto your equipment grab the handle(s) and away you go.

    Please note that if the make and model of your cover does not appear within our current range we will need to ask you for detailed dimensions to enable us to provide a quotation. Further information may be seen from the link below

    Customised Amplifier Covers Information and Quotations

    Note: The image used in this product description is a library image and not a picture of the specific cover or specific amplifier. However your cover will be made to measure for your Acoustic G60 212 Cover
    Options (Please Select before Proceeding):
    Seam Binding:

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