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Templates & Measurements

Grand Pianos

Do we need a template for your Grand Piano Cover?

For most Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway and Bluhner Pianos we Do NOT need a template as we already have a library of existing template for these makes.

For all other makes we may well require a template, which is actually much easier that you would probably imagine!

For a Grand Piano, a paper template is the easiest and simplest way. Just the top lid and one side section is needed. Please see the photos below as an example.

You can use brown paper, newspaper or even wallpaper to produce your template.

Grand Piano Cover Template

Grand Piano Cover Template

 Grand Piano Cover Template

  If you need to measure the size of your Grand Piano, simply measure from one end of the lid to the other. Then add the depth of the keyboard.

Where a template is being provided please send this immediately after completing the online order process. We will confirm once the template is received.

Upright Pianos

For Upright Pianos the process is simple. Please ensure that you provide all Six measurements for your upright (Numbers 1 to 6) when placing your order.

Upright Piano Dimensions

In the event of any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.