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Cory Key Brite 2oz

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Cory Key Brite cleans, brightens, cleans, whitens and preserves all plastic and ivory keys.

Specially formulated product, designed to clean and brighten instrument keys. It works on plastic as well as ivory, wood and ivorite keys. Key-Brite easily dissolves the wax build-up on sharps. 

Very simple and safe to use. You can spray key-brite from several inches away directly onto the keys and wipe with a soft cloth such as our Cory Cleaner Cloth. It is completely safe and leaves the keys with a beautiful sheen. 

Keep in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area in closed containers. Protect containers from physical damage. 

Supplied in 2 oz bottle.

It is essential to have the appropriate equipment when caring for your piano. Cory Key-Brite will also remove build-up that gets onto the sharp keys.  

The Key-Brite Piano Key Cleaner was designed and made by piano technicians and industry specialists to deliver outstanding results!