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Konig Black Gloss Touch up Pen

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Konig Black Gloss Touch up Pen - Perfect for touching up minor marks on your Black Gloss Grand or Upright Piano.

Features & Benefits

  • Lacquer flow control
  • Fast-drying
  • Resistant to Wiping & Scratching

Preparation & Use

  • Ensure area is dry & free from dust & grease
  • Shake pen vigorously of 10-20 seconds (be sure to keep the top on)
  • Remove top (pen should point upwards to avoid & drips)
  • Lightly squeeze on 'PRESS' markings to get rid of air & prevent blotching.
  • Ensure that you are using a good tip - change the tip if showing signs of wear or if you need to apply a fine stoke.
  • Lacquer should be applied evenly in one stroke. If opacity decreases then the pen can be squeezed again to release more lacquer.
  • Pen top should be returned firmly, immediately after use.

NOTE: If you haven't used these pens before then we suggest you first draw trial strokes on a sample surface, allowing you to get a feel for flow of dye.