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Upright Piano Carpet - Under Floor Heating Protection


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Protection your piano from under floor heating with these specially designed carpet mats which protect your upright piano from rising hot air produced from under floor heating, as well as reducing noise levels.

This also reduces the need for castor cups. Available in 2 sizes to suit modern or traditional style upright pianos.

Piano Carpet Specifications:

  • High thermal isolation value, thermal resistance is 0.083M2K/W
  • Extra soundproof, 8dB floor contact reduces the sound on the surface of the Carpet
  • Excellent damp resistance
  • Lets through 0.47g/m2 water vapour in 24 hours
  • Suitable for most floor surfaces
  • Suitable for all types of upright piano
  • Easy installation
  • Long Life Span
  • Standard colour is black (other colours obtainable for additional charges)
  • Grand piano versions available on request (additional charges apply)

Because of the structure of the carpet and by placing the piano on the carpet, the piano doesn't have direct contact with the floor. This means the vibration of the sound of the piano doesn't move across the floor.

Sizes availabe:

  • Small: 151cm x 34cm (for modern style upright pianos)
  • Medium: 151cm x 58cm (for traditional style upright pianos)